Wish You Were Here by Sanaz Toossi, directed by Gaye Taylor Upchurch. Playwright’s Horizons. Photo by Joan Marcus, courtesy of Blake Zidell.

Volume 13, Fall 2022


Table of Contents:

  1. Playing the Street: Syrian Musicians in Istanbul by Jonathan H. Shannon
  2. It’s Only Funny with Stage Directions by Laila Sajir, Introduction by Andrew Goldberg
  3. Hotter Than Egypt by Yussef El Guindi, directed by John Langs, reviewed by Michael Malek Najjar
  4. English by Sanaz Toossi, directed by Knud Adams, reviewed by Marvin Carlson
  5. Arms and the Man by George Bernard Shaw, directed by Hassan Hajiyah, reviewed by Katherine Hennessey
  6. Wish You Were Here and First Down reviewed by Renate Mattar
  7. Birds of a Kind by Wajdi Mouawad, directed by Robert Schuster, reviewed by Marvin Carlson
  8. Drowning in Cairo by Adam Ashraf Elsayigh, directed by Sahar Assaf, reviewed by Samer Al-Saber
  9. Arab and Middle Eastern Productions at the Avignon 2022 Festival by Philipa Wehle and Marvin Carlson
  10. Review of Stories Under Occupation and Other Plays from Palestine edited by Samer Al-Saber and Gary M. English, reviewed by Zeina Salame
  11. Review of Shakespeare on the Arabian Peninsula written by Katherine Hennessey, reviewed by George Potter
  12. Review of Middle Eastern American Theatre: Communities, Cultures and Artists written by Michael Malek Najjar, reviewed by Robert Myers


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