(L-R) Waseem Alzer, Ali Louis Bourzgui, Becca Khalil and Atra Asdou in Martin Yousif Zebari’s Layalina. Image Credit: Liz Lauren.

Layalina by Martin Yousif Zebari., directed by Sivan Battat. Goodman Theatre, Chicago. Image Credit: Liz Lauren.

Volume 14, Spring 2023

Table of Contents:

  1. “Indigenous Avant-Gardes”: The Shiraz Arts Festival and Ritual Performance Theory in 1970s Iran by Matthew Randle-Bent
  2. Up There by Wael Kadour, Introduction by Edward Ziter
  3. Baba written by Denmo Ibrahim, directed by Hamid Dehghani, reviewed by Suzi Elnaggar
  4. Decolonizing Sarah: A Hurricane Play written and directed by Samer Al-Saber, reviewed by George Potter
  5. Layalina written by Martin Yousif Zebari, directed by Sivan Battat, reviewed by Sami Ismat
  6. Mother Courage adapted and directed by Alison Shan Price, reviewed by Hassan Hajiyah
  7. Playwright Showcase, New Arab American Theater Works, reviewed by Katherine Hennessey
  8. Review of MUKHRIJĀT AL-MASRAḤ AL-MIṢRĪ (1990-2010): DIRĀSA SĪMIYŪṬĪQĪYAH [Female Egyptian Directors (1990-2010): A Semiotic Study], written by Hadia Abd El-Fattah, reviewed by Areeg Ibrahim
  9. Review of Theaters of Citizenship: Aesthetics and Politics of Avant-Garde Performance in Egypt written by Sonali Pahwa, reviewed by Suzi Elnaggar
  10. Review of Syrian Refugees, Applied Theater, Workshop Facilitation, and Stories: While They Were Waiting written by Fadi Skeiker, reviewed by Sonja Arsham Kuftinec
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