Volume 6

Nehad Selaiha Memorial Issue

This special issue is being published on al-arba’een ( ذكرى الأربعين), the “fourtieth,” which in Egypt traditionally marks the end of the mourning period after a death.  On this day, we mark the passing of one of the most prominent figures of the Arab Theatre of the past generation, the Egyptian critic Nehad Selaiha.  This special issue will be divided into two parts, first a selection of a few of the hundreds of essays written by Selaiha on the theatre, both Egyptian and from many other parts of the world.  Several hundred essays from the past decade are available online at the website of al-Ahram, for which Selaiha has been drama critic for many years.  We are here reprinting ten earlier essays to suggest her continuing interest in encouraging young dramatists, experimental work, and an international perspective. Then, a collection of testimonials from a few of the many persons around the globe who loved and admired this remarkable woman. Several of these were submitted to us in Arabic, and rather than translate these into English and risk the loss of any shade of their meaning, we have kept them in that language.  This is our first extended use of Arabic in this journal and the occasion is a fitting one.


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