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Rituel Pour Une Métamorphose, by Sa'dallah Wannous. Photo: Cosimo Mirco Magliocca, Comédie Francaise, Paris 2013.

Rituel Pour Une Métamorphose, by Sa’dallah Wannous.
Photo: Cosimo Mirco Magliocca, Comédie Francaise, Paris 2013.

Manuscripts should normally fall between 1500 and 5000 words, the shorter contributions normally reporting on a single production and the longer several related productions or festival reports. All submissions must concern themselves with recent or contemporary work in Arab theatre and performances created and presented in Arab countries first. In some cases also Arab theatre productions at US venues without extensive reviews will be considered. Strong preferences will be given to contributions reporting from Arab countries. Historical studies and literary analyses are not acceptable, although some such material may of course be incorporated into reviews when relevant. The reviews should be primarily descriptive, not judgmental, although reviewers may of course include their opinions of the work. In addition to reports on current productions or groups of productions, we welcome interviews with prominent Arab theatre figures – actors, directors, designers, and dramatists.

Proposals or articles may be submitted to our editors at Please include the author’s full name, institutional affiliation (if relevant), telephone number, and Email address. Contributors are also asked to include a) a short biographical note (no longer than 250 words); b) relevant images for publication c) a document detailing each image’s caption and credit.

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  • Submission Guidelines

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