Volume 12

Young and Critical Voices of Turkey II: “We are here as we are and even if we are somehow failing, we keep working” Conversation with Onur Karaoğlu

By Eylem Ejder

This is the second part of a conversation series I initiated in June 2019 in order to make the young, creative and critical voices of theatre and performing arts in Turkey more visible and audible. I hope

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Review of The Selected Works of Yussef El Guindi edited by Michael Malek Najjar

By Areeg Ibrahim

There is a saying in many cultures that when it rains it pours, but we also cannot get enough of a good thing. I am referring here to a new book of Arab American plays. The publication …

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Review of Le théâtre marocain a l’épreuve du texte étranger (Moroccan Theatre: Experimenting with the Foreign Text) by Omar Fertat

By Khalid Amine

In the weighty book under the title Le théâtre marocain a l’épreuve du texte étranger, Omar Fertat, writer and lecturer at the University of Bordeaux presents a palimpsestuous reading revising other texts and narratives on the …

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In Memorium: Fatima Gallaire (1944-2020)

By Laura Chakravarty Box

Fatima Gallaire (née Bourega) was a remarkable woman of letters who has left a prolific body of work: short stories, screenplays, documentaries, novels for adults and children, poems, and over thirty plays for adults and young …

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In Memoriam: Lenin El Ramly (1945-2020)

By Girgis Shoukry

Translated by Dalia Basiouny

Lenin El Ramly did not engage with the theatre community’s debates about forms of stage writing, origins of Egyptian theatre, theories, festivals, or even awards. Instead he focused his writing on the Egyptian …

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In Memoriam: Riad Ismat (1947-2020)

By Robert Myers

On May 13 of this year, the theatre, the Arab world and those who care about literature and culture lost a great friend, scholar and brilliant director and playwright, Mohammad Riad Hussein Ismat to the Covid 19 …

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Review of Palestinian Theatre in the West Bank: Our Human Faces by Gabriel Varghese

By Ashley Marinaccio

Despite a robust array of scholarship on Palestine, very little published material exists on Palestinian theatre. Gabriel Varghese addresses this matter in his first book Palestinian Theatre in the West Bank: Our Human Faces, based on his …

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Refraction, against distortion. Recent tendencies on the Arab stage

By Daniela Potenza

While Egypt was still in revolt, especially in 2011, some plays emerged as a continuation of the revolution.[1] Acclaimed performances, such as Dalia Basiouny’s Solitaire, and Laila Soliman’s No Time for Art were sincere expressions …

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“Theatre—It’s Our Only Sanctuary” An Interview with Professor Sahar Assaf

By Michael Malek Najjar

Lebanon has been struggling with difficulties since the Taif Agreement (also known as the National Reconciliation Accord) was reached, effectively ending the decades-long Lebanese Civil War in 1989. Since that time, there have been several calamitous …

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Nehad Selaiha (1945-2017): On Egyptian and International Theatre Free PDF’s of Five Volumes of Theatre Criticism + Sample Essays

The Egyptian scholar Nehad Selaiha, who died in 2017, has long been recognized as the leading theatre critic of the Arab World.  In 2003 and 2004 she selected around 300 out of the several thousand essays on Arab and international

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