Nehad Selaiha: Selected Essays. Photo: Martin E. Segal Theatre Center.
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Nehad Selaiha (1945-2017): On Egyptian and International Theatre Free PDF’s of Five Volumes of Theatre Criticism + Sample Essays

The Egyptian scholar Nehad Selaiha, who died in 2017, has long been recognized as the leading theatre critic of the Arab World.  In 2003 and 2004 she selected around 300 out of the several thousand essays on Arab and international theatre that she wrote over several decades and these were published in five volumes in Cairo.   This unique record of the modern drama, seen through the eyes of one of its most astute and informed critics, had only a limited circulation and has been long out of print.  The Segal Center at the City University of New York is proud to make this important work once more available, and to a much wider public, with one sample essay from each of the five volumes reproduced here and links to the complete work provided free of charge to any reader interested in accessing more of Selaiha’s illuminating studies. 

Sample Essays from each volume:

From Volume 1: “A Place Under the Sun”

From Volume 2: “By Way of Instruction and Farewell”

From Volume 3: “Huda Wasfi”

From Volume 4: “Manifold Oedipus”

From Volume 5: “An American Take on Iraq”

Complete volumes:

Nehad Selaiha: Selected Essays vol. 1

Nehad Selaiha: Selected Essays vol. 2

Nehad Selaiha: Selected Essays vol. 3

Nehad Selaiha: Selected Essays vol. 4

Nehad Selaiha: Selected Essays vol. 5


Arab Stages
Volume 12 (Fall 2020)
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Founders: Marvin Carlson and Frank Hentschker

Editor-in-Chief: Marvin Carlson

Editorial and Advisory Board: Fawzia Afzal-Khan, Dina Amin, Khalid Amine, Dalia Basiouny, Katherine Donovan, Masud Hamdan, Sameh Hanna, Rolf C. Hemke, Katherine Hennessey, Areeg Ibrahim, Jamil Khoury, Dominika Laster, Margaret Litvin, Rebekah Maggor, Safi Mahfouz, Robert Myers, Michael Malek Naijar, Hala Nassar, George Potter, Juan Recondo, Nada Saab, Asaad Al-Saleh, Torange Yeghiazarian, Edward Ziter.

Managing Editors: Esther Neff and Philip Wiles


Table of Contents:

Young and Critical Voices of Turkey II: We are here as we are and even if we are somehow failing, we keep working. Conversation with Onur Karaoğlu by Eylem Ejder
Refraction, against distortion. Recent tendencies on the Arab stage by Daniela Potenza
“Theatre—It’s Our Only Sanctuary” An Interview by Michael Malek Najjar with Professor Sahar Assaf
Review by Areeg Ibrahim of The Selected Works of Yussef El Guindi edited by Michael Malek Najjar
Review by Khalid Amine of Le théâtre marocain a l’épreuve du texte étranger  (Moroccan Theatre: Experimenting with the Foreign Text) by Omar Fertat
Review by Ashley Marinaccio of Palestinian Theatre in the West Bank: Our Human Faces by Gabriel Varghese
Obituary: Fatima Gallaire
Obituary: Leinin El Ramly
Obituary: Riad Ismat
Nehad Selaiha (1945-2017): On Egyptian and International Theatre. Free PDF’s of Five Volumes of Theatre Criticism + Sample Essays


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