The Wind in the Willows Makes It to KSA

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The family-friendly theatre piece was ideal for the rather conservative Saudi environment. This musical theatre piece thus appealed to the taste of both Western and Eastern cultures. It also introduced the musical genre to a segment of the audience that may not have been familiar with it. With a cast trained both in acting and singing, the play managed to attract the audiences’ attention and engage them in following this exciting adventure.

The Poster of The Wind in the Willows.

The acting and singing were superbly executed. Victoria Jan, in particular, managed to bring to the imagination the characteristics of a small mole, simply by her crafty twitches, a funny walk, and accurate embodiment of the indomitable spirit of this animal. James Mitchell also managed to capture the vanity of a self-absorbed toad by his larger-than-life gestures. As for the weasels, dressed in black-and-white retro saddle shoes, they were indeed double-crossing weasels!

Screen projections created the scenery of the play. The images of the luxurious Toad Hall, or the lonely woods, or the lively picnics were all brought to life by colorful projections. As for the sea, moving long blue and fluffy pieces of cloth downstage delightfully simulated it. The car and the train were also created as movable painted cardboard cutouts that could be carried by the actors.

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