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The Wind in the Willows Makes It to KSA

The Wind in the Willows Makes It to KSA
By Areeg Ibrahim
Arab Stages, Volume 8 (Spring, 2018)
©2018 by Martin E. Segal Theatre Center Publications

Watching theatre productions on stage was not a common occurrence in Saudi Arabia. Theatre has not yet become an established practice in the Kingdom. However, in KAUST (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology), pioneering theatre activity is taking place as part of the program of the Office of the Arts in the University. On one fine evening in February 2018, it was a pleasant experience to attend the musical performance of The Wind in the Willows in KSA (The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia).

The KAUST theatre was surprisingly well equipped in this private research university town in Thuwal, KSA. This lavish university offers for its expatriate residents and guests recreational activities that include several productions, such as musical concerts, a talent show, and this theatre play. The theatre house has a lounge with a large screen in its entrance. Its large auditorium contains a proscenium stage. The control room is in the central area, surrounded by the seats of the audience.

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