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The One and Only: Nehad Selaiha

The One and Only: Nehad Selaiha
By Nora Amin
Arab Stages, Volume 6, Nehad Selaiha Memorial Issue (Spring, 2017) 
©2017 by Martin E. Segal Theatre Center Publication

The following is not an obituary nor is it a testimony about the person of Nehad Selaiha; it is rather a humble documentation of the spiritual life of a lady who is one of a kind. The following has been written in the present tense, this is not a grammatical fault, nor a printing mistake.

Nehad lives with us now in the form of an abstract energy, she was once materialized: in the ephemeral physical body that carried her through her social and professional life, but now her existence takes another shape: one that is eternal. The abstract energy that Nehad exists in today is her unique spiritual identity, that identity that everybody describes as loving, giving, supportive and motherly. This identity is the soul of Nehad, and her soul has touched all of us in the arts field to the extent that we are all certain that she continues existing within us, and among us. In her own special way, Nehad lives by loving, and she lives for loving. Her path in literary studies, theatre criticism, translation and academic teaching can be summarized in one word: love.

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