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The Godmother, Obituary: Nehad Selaiha (1945-2017)

The Godmother, Obituary: Nehad Selaiha (1945-2017)
By Ati Metwaly
Arab Stages, Volume 6, Nehad Selaiha Memorial Issue (Spring, 2017) 
©2017 by Martin E. Segal Theatre Center Publication

This article was first published in Al-Ahram Weekly

On January 6th 2017, the Egyptian culture scene lost one its highest pillars, Nehad Selaiha, a woman who holds a unique place in the world of theatre and among generations of theatre practitioners. Her presence was so strong no one really thought about her being among the primary colors of the artistic landscape until her departure left the picture skewed – and so it will remain for a long time. A bilingual scholar, translator, historian, writer and critic – her English reviews of Arab productions gave these pages indispensable depth and value for years on end – Selaiha had boundless energy and depth. Her multidisciplinary approach to theatre is demonstrated in dozens of books she authored or contributed to, hundreds of articles she wrote and as many prestigious seminars and juries she led or participated in. But beyond her numerous awards and accolades, Selaiha was above all a theatre aficionado, a promoter, mediator and mentor who discovered, encouraged and supported hundreds of young theatre makers. A true “theatre activist”, as she was widely known, Selaiha saw the theatre as a kernel for creative energy, freedom of expression and human development.

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