Muhammad al-Maghut 1934-2006
Articles, Essays, Volume 5

The Village of Tishreen

The Village of Tishreen
A Review by Ahmad Mahfouz
Arab Stages, Volume 5, Number 1 (Fall, 2016)
©2016 by Martin E. Segal Theatre Center Publication

The Village of Tishreen is one of the most important modern political plays, not only in Syria, but in the whole Arab world [author Mahfouz’ English translation of The Village of Tishreen appeared in Volume 3 of Arab Stages]. This is due to the depth of its meaning and its controversial messages that are still relevant today, thirty-eight years after its first staging. It was written by Muhammad Al-Maghut with the help of director Duried Lahham. The idea of this play came after a meeting between the two writers in 1973. However, it is easy to see that the play reflects mainly Al-Maghut’s style of satire, which can also be found in his essays and novels. As Lahham reports in the study of Al-Maghut, I Will Betray My Homeland:  Hallucinations about Freedom and Horror, first published by the Almada Publishing Company in Damascus in 1987:

My first meeting with Muhammad Al-Maghut was by chance after the 1973 war. I met him in the artists’ union building and this was the first time I met him as I did not know him before. I sat with him on that day and talked about the 1973 war, how it was different to the 1967 defeat and what the change was between the two wars that led to victory.

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