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The Third Identity: An Interview with Tareq Abu Kwaik

The Third Identity: An Interview with Tareq Abu Kwaik
An Interview by George Potter
Arab Stages, Volume 5, Number 1 (Fall, 2016)
©2016 by Martin E. Segal Theatre Center Publication


Before touring internationally with the band 47 Soul, Tareq Abu Kwaik worked at the heart of Amman’s new music scene, performing hip hop under the name El Far3i, rock with his previous band El Morabba3, and a fusion of mijwiz, reggae, soul, and hip hop with the collective 47 Soul, whose name reflects the members’ roots in the Palestinian diaspora.  In February of 2014, Abu Kwaik and I spoke in front of a research methods class for Earlham College’s study abroad program about topics ranging from musical traditions to cultural tensions and identity in the Middle East to the future of Jordan. The conversation below has been edited for clarity and style.

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