Miran Kamala and Karim Rashid in “I Came to See You”, directed by Karim Rashed.
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Arab Angst on Swedish Stages

Arab Angst on Swedish Stages
I Came to See You by Karim Rashed,
Directed by Robert Jelinek and Petra Brylander 
A Theatre Review by Margaret Litvin
Arab Stages, Volume 2, Number 2 (Spring 2016)
©2016 by Martin E. Segal Theatre Center Publication 

On its face, Karim Rashed’s “I Came to See You” ( جئت لأراك), staged this season in Malmö and Stockholm, Sweden, is about the immigrant’s identity crisis, his inability to feel at home in the new land and his deluded nostalgia for the old. On the meta level, however, everything about the play’s creation, staging, and reception testifies to just the opposite. Iraqi theatre is alive in Sweden, forming a vibrant part of the Swedish theatre scene as well as the transnational Arab cultural landscape.

Sightseeing in Hell

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