Excerpts from Jihad against Violence: Oh ISIS Up Yours!

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Muslim Woman 1 (Pakistani-American)
Muslim Woman 2 (Syrian)

Prop List
Two big scripts (each actress has one), gun, prayer rug, red shoes, glasses, box of donuts, 2  chairs, I table, harmonium, cell phone, red dress, green burqa, red and black chador (for Muslim Woman 2), thin veil (for Muslim Woman 1). Screen for projecting music videos, CD player.


Woman 1 sits sexily on floor to stage left covered by a thin abaya wearing tight clothing underneath and stiletto heels, that can be seen. She is singing an upbeat Syrian song usually sung on weddings but in a mournful tone; Woman 2 performs a “luddi” dance (Pakistani wedding dance) to the mournful ditty smiling and looking happy on stage right; she is wearing a red dress. Two chairs slightly facing each other further back on stage.

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